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Latest Articles - Lets Get

The Eatwell Guide

What does the Eatwell Guide show? The Eatwell Guide divides the foods we eat into 5 main food groups, contained

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Energy drinks

Energy drinks are widely consumed in the UK, with many people using them to get a quick energy boost. However,

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Nutritional tips for medium and long distance walking events

Walking is a great way to get fitter and healthier and it can vary from a gentle stroll to a

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Walking – get started and stay motivated!

So, you want to take up walking? Well done on getting to this page for all the information you might

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Fibre – a vital ingredient for health

What is fibre and why do I need it? Fibre is only found in plant foods such as fruit, vegetables,

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Healthy eating during pregnancy

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important at any time, but it’s particularly important if you’re pregnant or trying for

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Shop smarter – a guide to reading food labels

Pre-prepared food and drinks are great for convenience but can contain a lot more fat, sugar and salt than we

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Get cooking – helping towards a Healthier You!

Our research demonstrates that Get Cooking can help you improve your diet* without the need for faddy diets, so register

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Eye Health

The West Midlands Local Eye Health Network has developed a video, with the support of Eye Health UK, to help

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Nutrition and Older People

As our life expectancy steadily increases it is important that we adopt healthy lifestyle habits to ensure that any extra

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Salt and your Health

Eating too much salt leads to high blood pressure, or hypertension, also known as the ‘silent killer’. It gets this

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My 5 a day

The UK Department of Health and the World Health Organisation recommend that we should be eating at least five different

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The Essential Vitamin Guide

Description: Vitamins are needed by the body in only small quantities, however, they are vital for the body to function

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Understanding and Managing Your Cholesterol

Maintaining cholesterol at a safe level can help us to live healthier, longer lives.  High cholesterol levels are associated with

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Hydration and your health

Your body is nearly two-thirds water so it’s really important that you get enough fluid to stay hydrated and healthy.

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Controlling sugar intake

There have been lots of news stories recently about the amount of sugar in food and the health effects of

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